If things could talk….

So I’ve been crazy about old things and secondhand shops since I can think of. Looking @ items from the past, knowing each piece has belonged to a human with a life and a story behind it, it made each little item magical. Yard sales fuel my fantasy with exiting stories about the former owners of the items for sale.

I had no idea about the treat I was up to when I asked Gustavo, one of the owners of the hostel, I am volounteering, where I can find secondhand books. He recomended me the rua ruy barbosa just outside of touristopia Pelourinho. The area is considered to be a kind of dodgy, so I just went there with nothing on me and was sweeped of my feet by the shops I found in those rugged old buildings. I walked back with a grin on my face, just like I’d fallen in love.  There was no question about this, I just had to go back and take pictures even at the risk of getting robbed:


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