How the Police interrupted our Streetfood Festival


Just before I left home, a new trend seemed to invade swiss cities. Every couple of weeks a streetfood festival was held in different places, attracting tousands of people.  In Lima (Peru) every evening turns into a streetfood festival. Tempting hungry stomachs with intruging smells of fried meat and  moulthwatering displays of freshly chopped fruits towards their small stalls, the streets of Lima hold countless small businesses.

With our small backpackers budget and hungry stomacks, Janice, my canadian friend I met at the hostel, and I made our way through the night, heading towards the basar/ china town area.

Janice tried a dish called “Mollejitas”, fried meat with cooked patatoes and fresh salad. She had no idea which type of meat it was, but thought is was delicious. Later we found out , it was chicken intestins.

I tried some of the quails eggs which can be found at ever corner throughout Lima, they are served with a tasty sauce containing various herbs.


Another awesome thing about streetfood is, that the porcions are so small, that you can try various things in one meal. After a sandwich of porkbelly (took some delicious break from beeing vegetrian), I was just about to buy some sweet bread, as the vendors face turned to disstress. Lowering my camera and turning around,the reason was standing there, a police officer looking at us gringas with an annoyed face. Suddenly all around us the goods were packed up, the vendors rolled their stalls away , half running. The, before so vivid scene, became deserted within the shortest amount of time. We were wondering where they would go, just a couple of streets further? Did this occur every night? How much struggle must it be to run this kind of honest business, always in the back of the mind that one single police officer could destroy a nights income.

With full bellies we headed back, through the insane traffic of Lima, burning the first calories by crossing roads. Even when the lights are green, it is advisable to run as fast as one can, in order to escape the anarchist Peruian drivers.


#Streetfood #Travel #Peru


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